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Tcg Manager


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Tcg Manager


$ 4700 to $ 5000 per month


Cairo, EGYPT


December 15 2017

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Main Responsibilities:

- Ensuring the provision of highly creative, cost effective and customer focused contract solutions that meet customers' needs.
- Providing review of internal policies and processes jointly with the business to negotiate more effective contracts.
- Drafting, revising and reviewing various types of contracts as well as coordinating the legal department to get the adequate approval on the contracts.
- Routing and reviewing copies of customer inquiries, tenders, requirements and orders to all responsible officials within Weatherford for them to study and complete their required responses or actions as the case may be.
- Managing the collection of inputs as provided by the responsible officials to ensure the finalization of the bids, and quotations, etc. as well as meeting the customers’ deadlines as provided.
- Managing the compilation of all generated quotations, proposals and bids, and ensuring that all the supporting technical and commercial documents which meet the customer requirements are attached.
- Ensuring the submission of all generated quotations, proposals and bids to the management for final revision as well as ensuring the approval of all thembefore dispatching to customers.

- Overseeing the maintenance of a complete, updated filing system and technical library as well as updatingcontracts’ price lists with any changes approved by Weatherford managementand customer companies.
- Conducting retrospective analysis immediately after the announcement of bid and proposal results as well as the announcement and presentation of findings to the management.
- Ensuring the development of other reports for the management including the monthly inquiries log, statistical and analytical reports reflecting quotation, tender status and alist of awarded orders or contracts with corresponding revenue.

- Providing the necessary documents for all the assigned portfolio of customer companies to responsible staff in the Financial Office for customer invoicing.
- Updating the database on a regular basis for each contract history, amendments, discounts, etc.
- Ensuring the generation of a weekly live summary forecast reports on submission dates, clarification meetings and deadlines among others as well as generating a monthly meeting report on contracts won, lost, percentage won versus lost, expiry date of contracts
- Taking responsibility for the implementation and ensuring the follow-up process of all the contract process that are generated locally by S&M manager.
- Ensuring the communication of legal clarifications with Regional and Local Team by utilizing Sale Force.
- Using and respecting GOA for accepting tenders or declining them as well as serving as the ownership of generating of T30,T20,T15,T5 tender review meetings as per regional process.
- Ensuring the performance of other duties as may be assigned by S&M manager as per on the job requirements

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