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Tech Lead


$ 2000 to $ 3500 per month


Nationwide, INDIA


October 9 2021

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About the job:

We seek a tech lead to function as a verification engineer role for the Workflow Solutions division of Honeywell. To work on the committed schedule, the qualified person is to use the combination of excellent technical skills to develop high quality and performance software.

Position Summary:

- The position is all about the guiding and mentoring of teams and the execution of software products.
- The position will contribute to the improvement of the overall software development and release process.
- The position deals with the maintenance of a close and strong working relationship with teammates.
- Ability to perform SQA activities and provide status for small to medium projects.
- Experience with software testing in all the phases of the software development is a requirement for the position.
- An in-depth knowledge of industry accepted software quality assurance standards and methodologies are required.

Main Responsibilities:

- Orchestrating multiple activities at once to achieve established goals.
- Ensuring effective delegation
- Setting goals and measures for overall projects, establishing sub-tasks and track progress.
- Defining new methods and processes, and leading its implementation
- Seeking to test, validate, modify and improve new ideas or methods for the purpose of making them effective as possible in a proactive way.
- Searching and identifying new opportunities to improve products, processes, and tasks.
- Learning quickly from Mistakes & Failure
- Assessing each person’s strength as well as using it to get the best out of the person.
- Pushing tasks and decisions down
- Empowering others and Inviting inputs from each person and Sharing ownership & visibility
- Making each feel his/her work is important as well as making people feel comfortable while working with you.
- Setting the Organizational Standard for core values
- Participating actively in the performance assessment and development process.
- Assessing accurately one’s skills and competencies.
- Taking actions to improve skills and competencies
- Interpreting the effects of one’s behavior on others.
- Leading the SQA activities for medium to large projects and providing status on those activities.
- Mentoring and training new employees.


- Expertise in Enterprise Application testing Experience
- Experience on Automation and expertise on one language and or Script
- Ability to write and execute Test Scenarios, Test Cases, GUI, Functional, Regression, and Security & Performance related test cases
- A Good knowledge of Database (ORACLE and SQL)
- Knowledge about Bug tracking, version control and test management tools, Testing concepts
- Knowledge of automated test script design and development (ex: Perl, Python, etc.)
- Knowledge of TCP/IP, RF9wireless & LAN networking protocols
- Knowledge of test lab configuration and setup tools including Ghost, VMWare, etc. preferred
- Knowledge of VMware and Supply Chain Management.
- Experience on open source Automation Tool
- A good Good knowledge on configuration management tool

Expertise in the following testing areas is preferred:

- A recognized leader in Test Planning including identifying key risk and identifying priorities
- Ability to utilize the 80/20 rule to ensure testing of the right areas
- Ability to create user stories, size the stories, and break down user stories into task
- Capability of mapping PRD requirements into user stories into task
- Assisting and monitoring the junior team members with estimation effort
- Ability to participate and contribute actively to the growth of the company.
- Ability to point out ambiguities and identify untestable requirements.
- Ability to deliver well documented and extensive test cases, and familiarity with testing techniques such as equivalence class, boundary value, control flow, etc.
- Inclusion of other parties in test case reviews such as tech support, product management, etc. to ensure testing a typical customer-facing scenario
- Proficiency in test case execution
- A working knowledge of our internal tools and scripting language and the ability to troubleshoot and debug failures
- Ability to train others
- A broad exposure to SQA best practices, methodologies and tools. Researching and keeping abreast of the industry’s best practice.
- Ability to recommend changes in engineering processes in the domain area
- Proficiency in Vocollect core products to know how they interact.

Experience required:

A minimum of 4 to 6 years of professional experience in software testing, and must have a demonstrated track record of achievement.

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