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Thru Tubing Ops Coordinator


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Thru Tubing Ops Coordinator


$ 10500 to $ 12000 per month




September 14 2021

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Main responsibilities:

- Ensuring the full implementation and sustenance of the Weatherford’s quality, health, environmental and safety
- Ensuring the preparation and delegation of Thru-tubing work
- Ensuring the personal utilisation of the products as well as ensuring the correct carrying out of all the works as assigned to the different teams of the company.
- Ensuring the proper and the correct following of instructions and procedures which are put in place to use while carrying out some processes.
- Meeting the budget revenues as well as the margin target with no exclusion to the control of the costs within the confine of the budget.
- Meeting all the necessary goals and objective which are fully agreed upon to assist in the preparation of tenders for single deliveries and contracts.
- Motivating personnel and securing works in such a way that they are carried out in a safe manner using protective measures.
- Attending planning and safety meetings for the purpose of increasing the safety of the company.
- Travelling both onshore and offshore for the supervision of all the TT operations when required as well as maintaining effective levels of cooperation with all the internal customers.

QHSE Duties & Responsibilities:

- Taking cognisance of QHSE considerations while issues daily job instructions.
- Responding to all reports of unsafe conditions, activities, accidents, near misses and safe starts which are gotten from subordinates and other persons rapidly.
- Taking corrective action as well as advising management in regards to unsafe and unhealthy methods, facilities, procedures, equipment and substances.
- Encouraging the knowledge of Personal QHSE awareness among individual subordinates, any personnel who are subcontracted to WFT and another collective workforce.
- Investigating and reporting all accidents and near misses to the necessary quarters appropriately and adequately.
- Making sure that all works which you serve as the supervisor are executed by either WFT employees or WFT subcontracts in line with the applicable QHSE procedures.
- Confirming personally that all persons who are engaged in different activities on facilities where you have supervisory roles on are competent to safely execute all the required work in line with the Operating and QHSE procedures.
- Advising all your workforce or any individual at risk of any potential QHSE hazards which arises from the work activities which fall under your supervisory scope.
- Making sure that all your subordinates and any WFT Subcontractors use protective clothing and equipment that suitable for the protection from the hazard involved with the equipment.
- Making sure that all the safety and emergency equipment are maintained in safe, operable conditions as well as ensuring the right installation of such equipment.
- Making sure that all the tools and facilities used within your supervisory area are safe and operable.
- Making sure that any vehicles and tools brought into your area of the Company by subcontractors who are intended for use on behalf of WFT are put in a safe and operable condition.
- Holding all the necessary QHSE meetings with your workforce on a regular basis with different people including contractors, subcontractors and vendor representatives.
- Conducting on a regular basis inspection and audits of different facilities under your control for the purpose of eliminating and identifying hazards to the environment, health or safety.
- Participating in the closeout and follow-up audit findings and inspection as well as being responsible for the EEP and QHSES operations for the relevant position.


Your authority includes the Field Service Supervisors, Workshop Personnel and Administrative personnel.

Required Skills:

- Ability to communicate well with people around you as well as relate excellently with them.
- Ability to manage works, information and other functions as may be assigned.
- Excellent written and oral English Skills with no exception to reading skills.
- Ability to operate acomputer and different software.
- Knowledge of Weatherford operation and equipment.

Required EducationQualification:

- A university degree coupled with technical qualifications.

Required Experience:

- At least ten years’ experience in the running and operation of Thru Tubing Equipment.
- Coil Tubing and Wireline Supervisory experience.
- FRE operations

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