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Vice President


$ 7800 to $ 8000 per month


Montezuma, New Mexico, UNITED STATES


November 21 2017



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Our school has an opportunity for a Vice President.

Main responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the Vice President in this school are divided into four categories.
- Teaching and learning:
• Interpret/balance the IB guidelines and standards against the UWC mission.
• Carry out the IBO recommendations in line with the Mission of UWC.
• Formulate the objectives of residential and educational program subject to UWC rules.
• Maintain the high standard of teaching for students to be able to have anexcellent education.
• Communicate with the students and in some cases, the parents, through reports as regards to their improvement
• Be the chair of the Program Leadership Team meetings of which you are responsible for its agenda.
• Establish the proper standard of proficiency by ensuring that all the necessary policies and schemes are implemented.
• Meet the requirements of the Accrediting Agencies by developing and implementing theappropriate policies and standards.
- Staff
• Be responsible for the recruitment and mentorship of an experienced and qualified co-curricular staff.
• Assess the performance of the staff by developing and implementing a program for that purpose.
• Define the function of each position in UWC-USA.
• Scrutinize the handbooks (student or faculty) to ensure their compliance with the laid down rules of UWC.
• In case of the president’s absent, you will chair both staff and faculty meetings and assist the president in setting agenda for these meetings.
• Create the annual recruitment strategy which the president will review.
- Students
• Make sure that the policies concerning both the residential and student life are in line with the Values and Mission of UWC.
• Bring about student-centric policies that would ensure improvement in the students’ social wellness and environment.
• Encourage the students to join various but rich experiential-educationprograms in the school.
• Mentor the students in leadership and responsibility by working closely with the student leadership.
• Ensure the efficiency of the supervision and security on defined places by working with the relevant individuals.
• Work to make the school comply with both the safety and health requirement.
• Develop the educational budget on an annual basis to ensure that the school is adequately cateredfor.
• Finalize the selection of students into the school by working with the director of admissions and the President.
• Perform other assigned duties.


- Advanced (Post Graduate) degrees plus experience working as a career educator.
- International education expertise (secondary level preferably).
- Ability to administrate experience.
- Must be able to communicate or organize excellently well.
- A leader who is open, reachable and empathetic.
- Virtues to make you serve as a perfect example for both the students and the staff.
- Willingness to travel.
- Attractive benefit package including working visa, accommodation, Medical costs etc.

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