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Vice President, Strategy Consulting


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Vice President, Strategy Consulting


$ 8700 to $ 8900 per month




September 16 2021

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We seek an individual to serve as the Vice President, Strategy Consulting that will be responsible for the development of our INC strategies consulting practices as well as developing our company’s reputation. You will ensure the responsibilities of the business building and management for all our consulting clients while ensuring that the organizations. You will also serve as a lead in some functional areas providing direction to all the executive for the purpose of managing the business. You are also expected to provide contribution which could aid the development of the industry as one of the top consulting solutions. Travelingto different sites and global company offices might be required.

Main responsibilities:

- Making sure that all relationships are built and maintained extensively within the Senior Pharma stakeholders for the purpose of bringing about product discussion and portfolio lifecycle.
- Using your understanding ofthe values of life sciencesto bring about development to the company in both commercial and clinical perspectives.
- Using all your knowledge and training to bring about the development of portfolio strategy, business management strategy, and the effectiveness and optimization of all activities.
- Serving as a business consultant that sells and delivers solutions to all the stakeholders as required.
- Building new business relationships, partnerships and great contacts with all the customers for the purpose of improving sales.
- Providing direct reports as may be necessary for the management of the activities of all departmental staff.
- Supervising and managing all the activities connected to interviewing, selections, job descriptions and another form of activities as may be assigned.
- Approving activities that are related to salary, hire, terminations or corrective actions as well as ensuring that all the necessary documents are reviewed.
- Making sure that all the challenges faced in Pharma Markets are attended to as well as ensuring the provision of thought leadership for the purpose of building the products value internally or externally.
- Bringing about growth in the Lifecycle Solutions Consulting group in compliance with the available business plans.
- Working for the purpose of ensuring a good collaboration with all the Late Phase and Therapeutic Business Unit colleagues for the purpose of seeking and developing all the opportunities that are necessary for the development of the sales leads.
- Making sure that all other functions are performed as assigned.


- A PhD degree in any scientific discipline is required.
- Extensive experience in the development of clinic and the gathering of ideas in the service sector.
- Ability to record high-value professional services coupled with the ability to provide different direction to teamwork and projects.
- Ability to organize works and provide strong leadership skills for the management of the departments.
- Ability to interact with people with your great, excellent skills.
- Ability to coach all the members of staff.

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