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Xtree Engineer


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Xtree Engineer


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September 21 2021

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We seek a qualified Xtree Engineer that will be responsible for the evaluation of XT equipment systems among others in the sole interest of the company.

Main Responsibilities:

- Evaluating XT equipment systems and designs for subsea field development
- Reviewing and approving contractor design and analysis.
- Participating during FAT & E-FAT as well as being involved in the supervision of pre-installation and installation phase.
- Being responsible for the technical design by the contractor.
- Ensuring the compliance with technical company and industry standards, corporate and project specifications as well as procedures.
- Liaising with Project Engineers, Team Leaders and other engineers for the purpose of developing and maintaining equipment system compliance.
- Providing input to key project documents and material issues as the case may be.
- Developing and maintaining equipment specifications including test procedures as well as the witness of all test.
- Reviewing and approving contract system and detailed design as well as analysis.
- Participating with Design and Safety Reviews, HAZOP, HAZIDs, Risk Assessments among others.
- Ensuring that ALL interfaces are identified, met and closed per plan
- Providing technical support as well as monitoring and reporting to the necessary quarters all necessary information during manufacturing, fabrication, assembly and testing of any product.
- Developing, maintaining, overseeing and approving specifications and procedures for the testing, loading-out, installation and commissioning.
- Identifying and solving problems that may arise in the testing, commissioning, and operation
- Assessing the risks associated with the design, supply, and operation


- A BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering or Subsea related discipline, or equivalent.

Qualification and experience:

- Seven years professional experience in subsea engineering associated with marine wellheads, Xmas Trees system, and exposure to operations and exposure to operations and manufacturing environments.
- A Good knowledge of system and design
- Seven years experience in manufacturing and testing subsea equipment as well as some experience in the offshore installation phase.
- Working knowledge of industry standards related in subsea systems of different ISO series.
- Familiarity with constraints of operations and associated interfaces

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